1st Annual Queensland 42 Ball Bash

Date: 29/05/2022

Time: 9 am Start

Location: Bulimba Cricket Club – Colmslie Rec Reserve,

400 Lytton Road, Morningside, QLD


On Sunday, 29th May, 2022 the 42 for 42 will be hosting our 1st Annual 42 Ball Bash in Queensland.

It will be a great family day event, with the tournament kicking off at 9:30 am and will include raffles, BBQ’s, music and plenty of fun for the kids.

The tournament consists of 11 players per side, 42 balls per side and “Knockout” rules apply.

If you want to enter your team, simply fill out the form below.


1st Annual 42 Ball Bash Queensland starts in:








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11 Players per Team

42 Balls per Side

$220 per Team to enter

Knockout Competition Rules

Support This Event

All donations and money raised from this event will go towards the ongoing maintenance and support required for our Afghanistan War Memorial Garden, located in Chippendall St, Milton QLD.

The Teams

42 for 42 (Team A)

Matt Malloy (Veteran)
Brendan Patrick (Veteran)
Dave Dale (Father of fallen)
Nick Collins (Veteran)
Will Eberhardt (Supporter)
Jacob Allen (Veteran)
Corey Stamp (Veteran)
Matt Evans (Veteran)
Adrain Mckenzie (Veteran)
Neil Mckenzie (Father of fallen)
Matt Hoare (Veteran)

Milton Mangoes

Jake McCall
Nick McPhee
Jack Willis
Tom Connolly
Jordan Ryan
Jack Gibson
Ryan Anderson
Emrys Cowley
Ben Schere
Lachie McCall (TBC)

Ferny Grove Falcons

Ferny Grove Falcons
Anthony Whittard
Ryan Steele
Tory Wallace
Aaron Prow
Jesse Gonclaves
Dylan John Irvine
Sean Carroll
Joshua Neurndorf

42 for 42 (Team B)

Team to be named

Sweet Punishment

Team to be named

Survive to Thrive Nation

Team to be named

Banger’s Team

Team to be named

Major Sponsor

LMS Brewing

Our Supporters