“When the playing of the bugle sends a shiver down your spine
When you realise that your qualities are just the same as mine
From dreamtime land to coastal sand, the city to the sprawl
When the essence of my legacy unites Australians all
When Anzac legend shines a light on all who make that vow
With pride, the world will know their name a hundred years from now”

Rupert McCall, OAM

Our Fallen

42 for 42 is a not-for-profit organisation which was founded by ex-Army veterans whose aim is to help struggling veterans and their families by building a memorial dedicated to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The 42 stands for the 41 veterans who were killed in Afghanistan, with the 42nd representing the veterans we have lost and continue to lose to suicide, and those who have returned with injuries and mental illness.

42 For 42 Memorial Garden

The goal of the 42 for 42 organisation is to demonstrate the powerful symbolism of people coming together for a common cause, moving forward in life, sharing our burdens, helping carry the load, and taking one step at a time to achieve our goals. Our vision was to build a Memorial Garden to honour the 42 fallen, which is located on council grounds behind the Anglican Church at Milton, near Suncorp Stadium.

7th Annual 42 Hour Challenge 

The 7th Annual 42 Hour Challenge, hosted by the 42 for 42, at Suncorp Stadium, will take place from Thursday the 3rd of November till Saturday the 5th…

With your attendance and support to this year’s challenge, it will help us with maintaining, and the growth, of our Afghanistan War Memorial Garden located adjacent to the mighty Suncorp Stadium in Milton, Queensland.

1st Annual 42 Hour Endurance

On Friday the 6th of November to Sunday the 8th of Novemeber 2020 at the Gallipoli Barracks, the 6 Brigade & 7 Brigade the 42-hour endurance challenge to support our goal of raising funds for our War Memorial Garden. 

Teams chose their preferred method for a continuous 42 hour period.

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