Rupert McCall

“Fortune favours the brave”

About Rupert McCall

Rupert McCall is an Australian poet of international renown. His tributes to special events and occasions have become highly sought-after and treasured for the indelible mark they’ve left on audiences everywhere.

He is the author of six anthologies of verse that have collectively sold over 120,000 copies. Equally at home in radio or on TV, his resume features hosting roles for CH7’s The Great South East, 4BC’s Sports Today program and CH9’s Weekend Extra. Rupert’s great passion for sport was on display when he was appointed commentator for CH10 at the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France.

In many sectors, Rupert McCall has become the poet of our generation. In 2005 he was awarded the honour of opening the Prelude to the Dawn Service in Gallipoli with his acclaimed and moving tribute NINETY YEARS AGO and in 2011, he recited his poem A FIREFIGHTER’S DREAM at Ground Zero for the New York Fire Dept on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.

His popularity transcends all demographics and ages, from the schools he visits the corporate and sporting functions that he entertains. He is a passionate Australian and his ability to share this enthusiasm with any audience is warmly received.

He has hosted and spoken at various high profile functions including Allan Border Medal Dinners, AFL Hall of Fame Dinners, Olympic receptions, racing occasions from Flemington to Birdsville, Test Match Rugby functions, tributes and testimonials. Rupert has already carved out a unique position in the Australian psyche and will continue to captivate and inspire audiences for years to come.

In 2013 as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, Rupert received a Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia for services to the community, particularly as a poet.

Golden Soil

Rupert’s long-awaited ‘best of’ anthology featuring his finest work (1992 to 2019) Including his acclaimed poems Green & Gold Malaria, Backyard Cricket, A Firefighter’s Dream, The Crocodiles are Crying, Cyclone Winx, A Hundred Years From Now and many more!

This Ode

This ode awoke this morning from the darkness of a dream
This ode absorbed adversity and rose up to redeem
This ode stood tall with honour when its sentiment was penned
This ode begins with courage… and, with courage, it will end

This ode decrees to never let their valour go unchecked
This ode would ask for nothing… but an ear of due respect
This ode defended freedom in its time of greatest tussle
This ode was there the day they fell… this ode is Andrew Russell!

For ‘Poppy’ Pearce’s legacy, this ode lays down a rock
In all its guts and gallantry, this ode is Matty Locke
This ode reveres Luke Worsley when the bugler embarks
This ode upholds the image of Lance Corporal Jason Marks

This ode is Sean McCarthy and I pledge to not forget
This ode is Michael Fussell for, to him, we owe a debt
Private Greg Sher’s quality defines the tears that spill
This ode lauds Mathew Hopkins and personifies Brett Till

This ode hails Ben Renaudo for his fortitude forthwith
Jacob ‘Snowy’ Moerland stands with Darren ‘Smithy’ Smith
With Herbie by their side tonight, this ode is in their veins
Their company departed… but their memory remains

This ode is built with something that will never pierce their armour
This ode is Timmy Aplin, young Ben Chuck and Scotty Palmer
This ode declares their mateship and their brotherhood as well
The tale of Nathan Bewes is now a tale we have to tell

And the name of Jason Brown will undeniably prevail
And the truth will echo stoically alongside Tomas Dale
This ode portrays Grant Kirby as a son of parents proud
This ode is Jared McKinney – and it resonates aloud!

This ode cites Richard Atkinson – his service rich and rare
This ode lifts Jamie Larcombe from a place of great despair
And it sings his name eternally the same way as Brett Wood
For Andrew Jones, his duty is forever understood

Flying free with dignity, this ode is Marcus Case
For Sapper Rohan Robinson, it fortifies his place
This ode unites Todd Langley with his comrades in the sky
And it welcomes Matthew Lambert when you look it in the eye

Bryce Duffy was a man of pride – this ode will reassert
When you frame the face of bravery, this ode is Ashley Birt
This ode unveils Luke Gavin and the beauty he possessed
For the life of Blaine ‘Didds’ Diddham, we are absolutely blessed

This ode belongs to ‘Marto’ – from his passion, it will quote
This ode gives thanks to ‘Milo’ and it treasures Robbie Poate
Take it easy ‘Poatey’ – mate, we’ve got your back from here
Vale Nathaniel Gallaher whose strength is always near

This ode is Merv McDonald who so gamely played his part
And it holds Scott Smith securely in the contour of its heart
With selfless inspiration in the final act he shared
Integrity uncompromised – this ode is Cameron Baird

Their commitment is colossal and their dedication true
This ode respects Todd Chidgey – it’s for Mason Edwards too
And decent men like David Wood returned from days of war
Who struggled to make peace with what they did and what they saw

This ode will stand beside them in the dust of every fight
In the demon of the darkest night, it hopes to shine a light
For the soldiers of this free land – for the gratitude that runs
This ode preserves the honour of Australia’s fallen sons

They will never be forgotten – not today nor ever after
This ode recalls their character, their loyalty, their laughter
Their ever-present spirit drives us onward down the road
And their flame will burn immortal… with the reading of this ode

“Rupert is a fantastic poet and orator as well as being a champion bloke. For myself personally and on behalf of the North Queensland Cowboys, I’d eagerly recommend him for any related MC or hosting gig. His presence would be a brilliant addition to any function and I can say from experience just what a positive effect his words had on me and the boys as we embarked on the challenge of another National Rugby League season.”

(Australian NRL Legend)

A Hundred Years from Now

When the playing of the bugle sent a shiver down my spine
When I felt a sense of duty and stepped up to join the line
A song was sung, my heart was young, the ship it sailed away
When my mother stood there crying and I had no words to say
When I wore my country’s coat of arms to pledge a solemn vow
I didn’t think they’d honour me a hundred years from now

When I landed in an ambush on that distant foreign shore
When I saw the bullets flying and I heard the canon roar
I turned my head, my friend lay dead, it happened so damn fast
When I made it through the mayhem of that terrifying blast
When I managed to survive that day…still I don’t know how
I didn’t think they’d tell the tale a hundred years from now

When the battle raged forever and adversity was rife
When the courage and the sacrifice were daily facts of life
As darkness fell, it seemed like hell, but mateship got us through
When nothing else made any sense… that’s the flag we flew
When thoughts of home revived my strength and wiped my bloody brow
I didn’t think they’d call me ‘brave’ a hundred years from now

When I felt a chill that morning – when my heart beat like a drum
When the captain gave his orders and I knew the time had come
No glory there, just pure despair, my best is what I gave
When they wrote ‘lest we forget’ upon the headstone of my grave
When, beside my cross, the children of the future stop to bow
My spirit will remain alive a hundred years from now

When the playing of the bugle sends a shiver down your spine
When you realise that your qualities are just the same as mine
From dreamtime land to coastal sand, the city to the sprawl
When the essence of my legacy unites Australians all
When Anzac legend shines a light on all who make that vow
With pride, the world will know their name a hundred years from now

Rupert McCall, OAM

“In the years since 9/11, I have witnessed speeches, songs, poems and sermons from poets, priests and politicians alike. I have literally heard it all. Rupert’s poem was head and shoulders above all of that. I could not believe that a person a half a world away – someone I had never met – could strike a chord so closely with our experience in New York. This man has an incredible gift.”

(Captain Rescue Company 2 FDNY)