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Doug Sheridan – Afghanistan Veteran

I had not fully anticipated the emotions and memories that confronted me during my recent visit to this solemn space. Firstly, I considered the genesis event of the September 11 attacks, which brought grief to countless souls and led others to make the ultimate sacrifice to defend our nation and preserve our freedoms. Furthermore, in this beautiful memorial, which may represent different things to different visitors, my thoughts turned to three individuals who left an indelible mark on my professional journey and personal character: Lockey, Didds, and Andy Russell. Their dedication and courage serve as a timeless tribute.

RIP, Warriors.

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Tay Sukhanthapree – Afghanistan Veteran

As I stepped into the garden, a surge of emotions washed over me, just as it had during and after the tour. It’s a feeling that binds so many of us together, a deep connection to each of the fallen in our own unique ways. We carry this shared experience in our hearts. I’m driven by a deep sense of duty to honour those who never made it back home. My commitment extends not only to the wider community but also to the families and friends who were left to bear the weight of loss. We’re all part of this unspoken pact to live lives worthy of their sacrifice and every day, I strive to create a life that would make them proud, a life that embodies the values they held dear.

RIP Poppy and Milo

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Defence and Veterans Legal Service

We cannot speak highly enough of this unique memorial garden and the team that created it.

This tranquil, well-designed setting allows people to reflect at length on the deep sacrifice and enormous contributions of Australians who served in Afghanistan. It is a peaceful and beautiful garden that honours their service and gives visitors a deeper understanding of its continuing impacts.

There are many war memorials in Australia. This is one of the newest, one of the most powerful, and also one of the most serene. It pays tribute to Australians killed in Afghanistan and – importantly – those who continue to succumb to their mental and physical injuries.

If you have the privilege of visiting this memorial garden, we encourage you to set aside time to walk slowly through it, to sit peacefully in it, to find calm within its walls, and to reflect on the service of those it honours.

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Murray Bruce – Navy Veteran

In October we completed a marathon from the 42 for 42 Memorial in support of Bravery Trust – a veterans’ charity that provides emergency financial support, counseling and education to serving personnel, veterans and their families. In the pre-dawn we quietly took in the ultimate sacrifice that the 41 soldiers had made as we passed each plaque; name upon name, story upon story and life upon life. As we set out around Brisbane, past the Gabba, up the Kokoda Trail and over to Gallipoli Barracks we paused every kilometre to reflect on each life, each family, each opportunity cut short. When we concluded the marathon we drew together to reflect on the 42nd soldier and their sacrifice in training or on return from the battlefield.
The 42 for 42 Memorial provides a poignant reflection on those who served and brings a very personal window into each of their sacrifices. Our group of runners were deeply touched and motivated in a solemn way to respect their willingness to give their tomorrow so that we can have our todays. Lest we forget.

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Ralph and Jan Kelsey

Having been involved with the construction of the Afghanistan War Memorial Garden from
the beginning, and now into the maintenance phase, we have had, and continue to have,
the wonderful experience of meeting with, and working alongside, Veterans of that
campaign, their families, partners and friends.

This tranquil sanctuary has been created as an eternal place of reflection, for offering
respect and gratitude, and for gaining education. The information boards highlight the
enormous contribution of those who Served, and the 42 plaques highlight the value of those
who gave their all and did not return, or those who did return but still suffer from their
efforts, in the pursuit of peace and goodwill.

The ’42 for 42’ family has opened its arms and welcomes the Community to embrace the
feeling of love, compassion, healing and camaraderie which combine to be the soul of these
timeless Gardens – we encourage you to accept the invitation.