6th Annual 42 Hour Challenge

Date: 26/11/2021 – 28/11/2021

Time: 5 pm on 26/11/2021 until 11 am on 28/11/2021

Location: Suncorp Stadium

Welcome to the 6th Annual 42 Hour Challenge, hosted by the 42 for 42, at Suncorp Stadium, from Friday the 26th of November till Sunday the 28th. With your attendance and support to this year’s challenge, it helps us continue to reach the goal of building the Afghanistan War Memorial Garden.

The challenge takes place on the concourse of Suncorp Stadium. Walkers and teams will move around the stadium concourse with the weight in their packs for the duration of the time allocated to them.

At the end of the challenge on Sunday we will again hold a service in Suncorp Stadium to honour the fallen from Afghanistan as well as all those that served our country in the war. This service will be a live feed on our Facebook due to COVID-19 restrictions.

We will be offering 3 Packages to accommodate both teams and individuals looking to help raise money that will go towards the building of our Afghanistan War Memorial Garden.

Our Fallen Veterans

Sergeant Andrew Russell

26/11 - 5pm

Sgt Andrew Russell – SASR
Trooper David Pearce

26/11 - 6pm

Tpr David Pearce – 2/14 LHR
Sergeant Matthew Locke MG

26/11 - 7pm

Sgt Matthew Locke MG – SASR
Private Luke Worsley

26/11 - 8pm

Pte Luke Worsley – 4th Battalion (Commando)
Lance Corporal Jason Marks

26/11 - 9pm

LCpl Jason Marks – 4th Battalion (Commando)
Signaller Sean McCarthy

26/11 - 10pm

Sig Sean McCarthy – SASR
Lieutenant Michael Fussell

26/11 - 11pm

Lt Michael Fussell – 4th Battalion (Commando)
Private Gregory Sher

27/11 - 12am

Pte Gregory Michael Sher – 1st Commando Rgt
Corporal Mathew Hopkins

27/11 - 1am

Cpl Mathew Hopkins – 7th Battalion RAR

Sergeant Brett Till

27/11 - 2am

Sgt Brett Till – IRR (EOD) RAE
Private Benjamin Renaudo

27/11 - 3am

Pte Ben Ranaudo – 1st Battalion RAR

Sapper Jacob Moerland

27/11 - 4am

Spr Jacob Moerland – 2CER RAE
Sapper Darren Smith

27/11 - 5am

Spr Darren Smith – 2CER RAE
Private Scott Palmer

27/11 - 6am

Pte Scott Palmer -2nd Commando Rgt
Private Timothy Aplin

27/11 - 7am

Pte Tim Aplin – 2nd Commando Rgt
Private Benjamin Chuck

27/11 - 8am

Pte Ben Chuck – 2nd Commando Rgt
Private Nathan Bewes

27/11 - 9am

Pte Nathan Bewes – 6th Battalion RAR
Trooper Jason Brown

27/11 - 10am

Tpr Jason Brown – SASR
Private Grant Kirby

27/11 - 11am

Pte Grant Kirby – 6th Battalion RAR
Private Tomas Dale

27/11 - 12pm

Pte Tomas Dale – 6th Battalion RAR
Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney

27/11 - 1pm

LCpl Jared MacKinney – 6th Battalion RAR
Corporal Richard Atkinson

27/11 - 2pm

Cpl Richard Atkinson – 1CER RAE
Sapper Jamie Larcombe

27/11 - 3pm

Spr Jamie Larcombe – 1CER RAE
Sergeant Brett Wood MG DSM

27/11 - 4pm

Sgt Brett Wood MG, DSM – 2nd Commando Rgt
Lance Corporal Andrew Jones

27/11 - 5pm

LCpl Andrew Jones – 9FSB
Lieutenant Marcus Case

27/11 - 6pm

Lt Marcus Case – 6th Aviation Rgt
Sapper Rowan Robinson

27/11 - 7pm

Spr Rowan Robinson – IRR RAE
Sergeant Todd Langley

27/11 - 8pm

Sgt Todd Langley – 2nd Commando Rgt
Private Matthew Lambert

27/11 - 9pm

Pte Matthew Lambert – 2nd Battalion RAR
Captain Bryce Duffy

27/11 - 10pm

Cpt Bryce Duffy – 4th Rgt RAA
Corporal Ashley Birt

27/11 - 11pm

Cpl Ashley Birt – 6th ESR RAE
Lance Corporal Luke Gavin

28/11 - 12am

LCpl Luke Gavin – 2nd Battalion RAR
Sergeant Blaine Diddams MG

28/11 - 1am

Sgt Blaine Diddams MG – SASR
Private Nathanael Galagher

28/11 - 2am

Pte Nathanael Galagher – 2nd Commando Rgt
Lance Corporal Mervyn McDonald

28/11 - 3am

LCpl Mervyn McDonald – 2nd Commando Rgt
Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic

28/11 - 4am

LCpl Stjepan Milosevic – 2/14 LHR
Private Robert Poate

28/11 - 5am

Pte Robert Poate – 6th Battalion RAR
Sapper James Martin

28/11 - 6am

Spr James Martin – 2CER RAE
Corporal Scott Smith

28/11 - 7am

Cpl Scott Smith – SOER RAE
Corporal Cameron Baird VC MG

28/11 - 8am

Corporal Cameron Stewart Baird – VC MG
Lance Corporal Todd Chidgey

28/11 - 9am

LCpl Todd Chidgey – 2nd Commando Rgt
The 42nd Soldier

28/11 - 10am

For All Those We Have Lost At Home

42 Hourly Challenge

For 42 hours, the 42for42 Team, along with families and friends of our Afghanistan Fallen will carry 42 kg in 4 packs representing our fallen soldier.

This hour is about walking alongside the 42for42 team & families, whilst honouring the Fallen soldier, with each hour representing and honouring one of our fallen (see below). 

You can sponsor an hour during the challenge for $100.

Once registered, we ask that all participates arrive 30 mins before each start time which would be on the hour dedicated to each fallen soldier. This so we can give the safety brief, and do the COVID-19 safety requirements, sign into the stadium and check over the equipment you will be carrying.

For those that are unable to attend, or would like to make a contribution towards the event, you can make a donation here. 

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