42 Hour Endurance Challenge 2020

Date: 6/11/2020 – 8/11/2020

Time: 6 pm on 6/11/20202 until 12 am on 8/11/2020

Location: Gallipoli Barracks Area Gym

This event is only open to ADF members.


On Fri, 06 Nov 20, 6 Brigade and 7 Brigade will host a 42-hour endurance challenge to support 42 for 42 at the Gallipoli Barracks Gymnasium.

The fundraising event is a team-based challenge, with teams in sizes up to 10 personnel.

Teams will use stationary cardiovascular equipment of their choosing (assault bike, rower, ski erg, treadmill or exercise bike) for a continuous 42 hour period.

The initiative will have a positive and holistic effect for current and ex-serving men and women, their families and the community.

Above we are hoping that this is taken as a great opportunity to honour our fallen mates. Every hour of work will be in dedication to one of the 41 lost in the course of their duty in Afghanistan, and the 42nd for those who have taken their lives upon returning to Australia.

42 Hour Endurance Challenge commences:








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