First 42 Hour Challenge by Sean Mulqueen

October 1, 2016

By 42 for 42

I’m organising a fundraiser to build a memorial on the war in Afghanistan it will be located in Brisbane, it will be done with the help of legacy to build and fundraise.

Please read the following about one of the ways I’m raising funds for it, on Friday the 4th of November till Sunday the 6th of November.

The idea is that for the 42 hours I will have an Army pack on, and will walk and climb the stairs at Suncorp stadium. The challenge will start with 42kg, in an Army pack and after every hour is done, walking up and down the stairs, I will take a 1kg out and end up with nothing left in the pack.

This challenge is dedicated to our fallen soldiers in Afghanistan and their families. I believe taking the weight out of the pack after every hour will help signify about taking the weight of the shoulders of our combat soldiers and help signify of clearing the minds of soldiers who are suffering from mental issues.

It will also help signify moving forward in life by losing those weighted problems, due to service life.

I hope to have the families of our fallen involved and help represent the hour dedicated to there son they have lost.

To begin the event we have a dedication up on the big screen showing why and who the event is for it will also be to start the cause.

The fundraising will be done through and for legacy and an agreement of half the funds to legacy and the other half of the funds raised we will build a memorial to remember and honour all the deployments to Afghanistan.

I hope the memorial would be built as a storyline from each deployment, incorporating our fallen soldiers, medal winners and all the information regarding each deployment. We have a Facebook page “42 hours for our 42 fallen”

Please help, support, share and donate.

Kind regards
Sean Mulqueen

First Fundraiser by Sean Mulqueen
First Fundraiser by Sean Mulqueen
First Fundraiser by Sean Mulqueen

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